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Your Little-Known Rights to Stop Garnishment

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There are a number of reasons why an individual’s wages would be garnished. These situations include default federal student loans, a court order or judgment or even back-owed child support payments. If you can relate to any of these situations, then if nonpayment continues, the next step will likely be wage garnishment. Wage garnishment is when the court issues to an individual’s employer requiring them to withhold a portion of your paycheck and give funds to a creditor or the person who is owed the money. However, most individuals who deal with wage garnishment don’t realize that even if they are in the wrong or struggling financially doesn’t mean that they don’t have rights. In fact, there are actually rules and laws surrounding garnishment. Read on to learn more about your rights, and how to avoid or stop garnishment with bankruptcy attorney in Maryland Heights.

Many creditors threaten individuals who owe them money with wage garnishment. As mentioned briefly above, a court order must be issued in order to garnish wages. For example, if an individual has defaulted on a loan or credit cards or even owe medical bills, creditors can’t garnish wages without a court order. In most situations, but not all, a creditor must sue an individual, win a case, and obtain a court order to garnish wages.

If you have additional questions or concerns about a creditor trying to garnish your wages, then it may be time to seek legal guidance. The legal team at Teague & Associates offers competitive rates and we are in the game to help clients take back their financial freedom, manage debt through bankruptcy (if necessary), and help them take the necessary steps to put creditors and debt behind them for good.

For more information, contact the team at Teague & Associates today to stop garnishment with bankruptcy attorney in Maryland Heights. Call us today at (314)899-4499. Find out why so many clients are pleased with their financial outcomes by working with Teague & Associates!


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