When to Call a Bankruptcy Lawyer in Maryland Heights

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Bankruptcy Lawyer in Maryland Heights

If your debts have become overwhelming, you may need to consult a bankruptcy lawyer in Maryland Heights. Filing bankruptcy is a complicated process and usually not your only option to resolve financial issues. The guidance of a specialist in the field can really help you determine the best way to proceed.

Signs that you can benefit from the advice of a bankruptcy attorney are:

  • Inability to pay your bills
  • Confusion about how to pay debts that are accumulating
  • Repeated calls from debt collectors and creditors
  • Limited or lack of cash flow
  • Require representation in court
  • Bounced checks

A bankruptcy attorney will help you determine if Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy is the right choice for you or if there is another option available that may work in your situation. While it is not required to hire a lawyer to file bankruptcy, intricacies involved in the process are better handled by an expert. This also ensures that your rights are being considered during all steps in the process.

When engaging the services of our bankruptcy lawyer, you will be charged a flat fee. This amount will be put toward the total amount that you owe the attorney for his work. Attorneys typically charge by the hour, but rates vary across the country. Check on your lawyer’s rates before hiring.

Your lawyer will evaluate your debt and resources and determine whether filing bankruptcy or another option is best for you. The amount you owe will be either eliminated, lessened or reorganized to pay it when you are able.

For dependable and honest advice about your debts, call or text a bankruptcy lawyer in Maryland Heights at Teague & Associates, LLC, at (314) 899-4499.