Bankruptcy Attorney

Teague & Associates is happy to offer free consultations to University City residents looking for bankruptcy attorney representation.

Bankruptcy Lawyer

There are different solutions available to you when you’re dealing with filing bankruptcy. Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 offer different options depending on what you’re looking at financially.

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

It is essential to know that not all debts are covered when you file chapter 7. There are a few that are not considered forgivable debts.

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Attorney

We understand that you may or may not have had a choice in how you got into this situation. That is why our team is here.

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Lawyer

We understand what is and is not covered in chapter 7 bankruptcy, and we work diligently to help you get the settlement that will be the best for your unique situation.

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Attorney

Whether chapter 13 is best or another option works for you, our team is here to help. We will go over your options to ensure you can make an informed financial decision on how to proceed.

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Lawyer

Chapter 13 is for those who are still earning money but just can’t pay all their debt on time. This filing can help you alleviate the current stress to work out a plan to repay in the next three to five years.

Garnishment Attorney

If you have received a notice of garnishment, our team can help. In some instances, our firm can help negotiate for you to get installment payments for the court order instead of taking the maximum each pay period.

Garnishment Lawyer

There are some options, including bankruptcy, that may work for you to help you get back on the right path financially.

Repossession Attorney

Going up against the collection companies or banks can be quite intimidating. It is important that you have someone on your side that knows how to navigate this process efficiently and with your best interest in mind.

Repossession Lawyer

You may be asking yourself how in the world you got to the point you’re facing repossession. In recent times, it’s no wonder. People can lose their jobs due to no fault of their own, messy divorces, and even medical diagnosis can cause you to get behind on your payments.

Stop Garnishment

Our firm is here to work directly with the creditors to negotiate on your behalf. If you ignore a summons or a notification, you could find yourself in more trouble.

Stop Repossession

There are ways you can go about stopping the process of repossession. The first step is to talk to an attorney as soon as you receive notice of processing.

Attorney for Judgement

When you fall behind on payments, your creditor can file a lawsuit against you. If they win the suit or you do not show up to the hearing, they can obtain a judgment against you.

Lawyer for Judgement

While creditors can be difficult to deal with, you don’t want to ignore them. They don’t typically have sympathy for your situation and can come across as very harsh.

Stop Judgement

A judgement is when a creditor takes you to court and sues for monies owed to them. Whether it was a loan, credit card, or other funding, the creditor can sue you for repayment when you get behind.

Foreclosure Attorney

There are options out there to help and prevent you from losing your home. One of those may be filing bankruptcy. That is where our firm comes in.

Foreclosure Lawyer

There are a few things to keep in mind when dealing with lenders and the foreclosure looming ahead. Be sure not to ignore any notifications you receive and bring them to our attention immediately.