Stop Repossession in St. Louis

stop repossession in St. LouisEach and every day thousands of individuals all over the country, many right here in St. Louis, receive repossession notifications from lenders. An inability to pay their mortgage, car payment and other debts has caused many people to sink deeper and deeper into debt and loom dangerously close to repossession of their items. Is there really any way to stop repossession in St. Louis? At Teague & Associates, LLC, we want to share with all our clients how they might be able to put an end to the threats entirely.

For those who are facing repossessions and foreclosures of their property, bankruptcy may be the solution. Filing for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy will put an automatic stay into place that will keep creditors from proceeding with their plans to repossess property. This means no more notices of intent to repossess and no more calls from creditors with ultimatums.

While many are fearful of the word bankruptcy, it is important to understand that it is a viable option that an attorney can help to better explain so that individuals can determine if it is the best option for them. Not only will filing for bankruptcy help with a repossession problem, but it can help to stop wage garnishments too. The idea is to help the individual learn from their financial mishaps and provide them with an opportunity to rectify their financial future.

Repossession threats got you scrambling for an answer to your debt problems? Give the Teague & Associates, LLC a call at (314) 899-4499 to find out exactly how to stop repossession in St. Louis and to finally put an end to the fear of losing your most prized possessions.