Stop Repossession In Chesterfield

Stop Repossession In Chesterfield

When you are starting to have financial struggles, it can be a challenging time in your family. Maybe you’re going through problems due to a messy divorce. Perhaps you’ve lost your job in this current economic climate, or you’re just trying to make ends meet. Whatever the situation could be, when it comes to your vehicle, repossession can make things even worse than they already are. That’s why it is essential to know the steps to stop repossession in Chesterfield before it gets too far. Here at Teague & Associates, LLC., we provide expert counsel on this process and how to move forward. Starting with our free consultation, you can see if our attorneys are a good fit for your case.

These are some of the steps that can be taken to prevent repossession.

You Have Rights

The first thing is to remember you still have rights during the process. If you’ve received a notice of repossession, contact the law firm immediately. We can assist you with going over your rights and help you find an option to go with that best suits your situation.

Some of the choices available to you include:

  • Turning in the vehicle – You can voluntarily turn in the vehicle to the lender. However, it is essential to know you’ll still owe the loan even when this is done. It doesn’t change how it looks on your credit score.
  • File for bankruptcy – You can also choose to file for bankruptcy, such as Chapter 7, and keep the vehicle. Our firm is here to go over that option with you to see if it is a viable way to handle the repossession.

If you’re struggling financially, call our law firm today at (314) 899-4499 for a consultation on how to stop repossession in Chesterfield.