Stop Judgement In Chesterfield

Whether you have very recently lost your job or you’re dealing with a messy separation, your financial state may be taking a huge hit. You may have found yourself facing debt collectors or even judgements against you. How do you handle this? That’s where our firm here at Teague & Associates, LLC. comes in. We strive to represent you and help stop judgement in Chesterfield. Our firm has been working with clients like you for years when it comes to getting back on a solid financial track. Allow us to work for you and help you get through this very trying time. Here are a few ways you can benefit from our experience and service.

Ways To Stop Judgement

There are several ways that our attorneys can assist you in trying to stop the judgement. One of the first things is to work with a lawyer on your side. Make sure you have proper representation when it comes to talking with creditors or the court system.

The ways we can help you work through and possibly stop judgement include:

  • Negotiations – Our firm can negotiate on your behalf to work out a plan between you and the creditor. When judgements are placed, they have the chance to put garnishments on your wages or bank account, liens on the property, or levies. It is important you have someone on your side representing you when it comes to facing this.
  • Claim Your Property As Exempt – There are some items that your debt collectors simply cannot have. Our firm is here to help you learn those items and claim them as exempt, so you can keep them.

If you’re in need of representation as you try to stop judgement in Chesterfield, be sure to contact our firm today at (314) 899-4499 for your free consultation.