stop garnishments in St. LouisEver received the shock of opening up a paycheck to notice that hard-earned money is missing? The shock in itself can be frustrating and leave anyone scratching their head as to where their money went. Unfortunately, garnished wages is not uncommon throughout the United States, and when it happens consistently for an extended period of time it can cause a major financial burden for a person. Many people are left wondering how they can stop garnishments in St. Louis.

Wage garnishments are the court’s way of ensuring that a debt owed by an individual is paid toward a debt that is owed. Employers are required to withhold a certain amount of money per paycheck until that debt has been fulfilled. Garnishments cannot take place overnight and a court order is needed for an employer to withhold money. An entity must sue for what is owed, be it from back taxes, unpaid child support or outstanding loan balances, and must win for a court order to be issued.

One of the only ways to put an end to wage garnishments is by filing for bankruptcy. Because of the automatic stay, which requires all creditors to cease the process of collections, the entity which is garnishing wages is typically forced to stop.

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