Stop Garnishments in Maryland HeightsThere’s something about wage garnishment that makes repaying a creditor even worse than physically writing them a check each month for a debt that is owed. Many associate it with someone stealing straight from their wallet, even though the money rightfully belongs to the creditor. One of the most common questions that individuals who are experiencing garnishments have is whether or not there is a way to stop garnishments in Maryland Heights. A bankruptcy attorney certainly has the answer to this predicament.

Depending on the type of garnishment, the amount taken, length of time garnishments will last and the impact garnishments have on the individual’s financial situation, there are a number of considerations to be kept in mind when it comes to stopping them. Bankruptcy is one option which many are forced to consider as it will require an employer to cease withholdings for a creditor. While bankruptcy may not be the answer for all individuals, it is an answer that many are forced to seek out.

How can one determine if bankruptcy is the right way to stop garnishments? In an initial consultation with Teague & Associates, LLC we assess the financial situation of our clients and determine whether or not it would be wise to declare bankruptcy, and what chapter should be filed.

Tired of having your hard-earned money taken away from your regular pay? Teague & Associates, LLC has the answer to helping you stop garnishments in Maryland Heights! Let an experienced attorney help you find a way out of the detrimental debt you might have and keep your paycheck in your pocket. Contact us today for a free consultation to learn more at (314) 899-4499.