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Stop Garnishment with a Bankruptcy Lawyer in St. Louis

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If you receive a notification of wage garnishment, it is possible to save some or all of your income by utilizing exemptions. In order to stop your garnishment with a bankruptcy lawyer in St. Louis, contact Teague Law Associates today and we can help.

As a general rule, creditors must sue you in court and retain a money judgment against you in order to take all or part of your income. The creditor then forwards the documentation to your employer that dictates the specific amount to be deducted from your wages (or take away all of your wages). Immediate action must be initiated to prevent the garnishment from taking place.

An exemption protects your wages by stopping the creditor(s) from taking away certain types of income so that you can continue to pay standard living expenses. Your particular situation dictates what income is safe. Most of the time, the income that cannot be garnished includes: retirement, social security, disability, alimony and child support.

To take advantage of Missouri’s laws for exemption you must file a document in the court that has issued the garnishment order. A hearing is then typically scheduled so that a judge can hear your claim for exemption.

To learn more about your legal rights concerning your wages and the most effective ways to protect them, stop garnishment with a bankruptcy lawyer in St. Louis. Teague & Associates, LLC is well-equipped to work with you to keep your income safe from creditors. Call us today at (314)899-4499 for a private consultation to discuss your unique situation.

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