Stop Garnishment In Ballwin

Falling on hard financial times can happen to the best. You may be facing garnishment due to a messy separation, medical diagnosis, or due to the loss of job during these financial times. Whatever the situation may be, the firm here at Teague and Associates, LLC can help. Our attorneys work on ways to help stop garnishment in Ballwin.

If you have recently received a garnishment for your wages notification, it’s time to call our office. Here are a few ways that we can help to make this process easier and walk through it with you:

Acknowledge The Situation

One of the first steps in dealing with the garnishment of your wages is by not ignoring the notifications you’ve received. It is not a time when you want to throw notifications away and forget about them. This can make the situation worse. Our firm is here to handle these notifications and to work on your behalf to represent you in front of your creditors or the attorneys of their choice.

Stopping Garnishment

Unfortunately, your employer cannot stop a garnishment. Once they receive that notification, they must comply. That means to stop this process you will need an attorney to represent you and your rights.


One option that may work for you, depending on your financial situation, is to file for bankruptcy. Our attorneys can discuss your financial records with you and help you decide if this is the route that’s best for you. Not all garnishments that come into our firm will require bankruptcy. During your free consultation, we can go over the many options that are in front of you.

Contact us today to discuss how to stop garnishment in Ballwin by calling (314) 899-4499.