stop foreclosure in Maryland HeightsThere are many individuals who have received a foreclosure notice from their lender and have adopted a sense of hopelessness, thinking that there is nothing they can do to avoid the inevitable. What these people fail to realize is that with the assistance of an attorney, they actually stand a chance to stop foreclosure in Maryland Heights. What exactly is an attorney’s role in the foreclosure process?

The assumption that most people have is that once the foreclosure process has been initiated by a lender, then the chances of stopping it are slim. However, a bankruptcy attorney will explain that there is one option to consider when it comes to saving your home – filing for bankruptcy! At Teague & Associates, LLC we want each of our clients to understand that bankruptcy, though a last resort, is a viable option to consider when it comes to attaining an automatic stay.

We encourage those who are in a difficult financial situation, including facing repossessions or foreclosures, to call us and allow us to explain the way in which bankruptcy works to help keep creditors at bay. We are able to guide our clients through the process of filing Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy from start to finish, so they are sure a foreclosure on their home is truly a thing of the past.

If you have received a notice of default, then you must act quickly in order to ensure that you are able to maintain your property. Seek the assistance of a lawyer with experience in foreclosure cases to help you stop foreclosure in Maryland Heights. Call Teague & Associates, LLC at (314) 899-4499 before the foreclosure process progresses any further.