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Learn How to Stop Garnishment with a Bankruptcy Attorney in O’Fallon

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Stop Garnishment with a Bankruptcy Attorney in O'Fallon

If you have outstanding balances for student loans, back taxes, a court judgment or child support, your wages may be garnished. This happens when a court demands that your employer withhold a portion of your paycheck. They will send it straight to the company or individual whom you owe money until you pay off the debt. There are different rules regarding garnishment according to what kind of debt you have, and there is a threshold on how much of your wages can be taken out. For guidance about this unwelcome situation, see if you can stop garnishment with a bankruptcy attorney in O’Fallon.

Court judgment wage garnishments occur when you lose a lawsuit and there is a money judgment against you. This must be accompanied by a court order, in most cases. Federal laws govern how much of your paycheck is taken away and it varies from state to state. You can legally protest a judgment. Your lawyer can help you with this.

If you owe child support or alimony, the court will initiate wage garnishment and pay it to the other parent of the child(ren) or to a former spouse. It is common for more money to be garnished for child support payments than in other circumstances.

A student loan default is one situation where a court order is not required for garnishment. The lending institution will notify you in writing about 30 days before money is withheld from your paycheck.

To collect back taxes via garnishment, the IRS does not require a court order.

Learn your rights and how to stop garnishment with a bankruptcy attorney in O’Fallon by call or texting Teague & Associates, LLC, at (314) 899-4499.

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