Lawyer For Judgement In Wildwood

Facing a judgement against you due to falling behind on your payments can be a frightening experience. However, finding a lawyer for judgement in Wildwood can help tamper that effect. Working with Teague & Associates, LLC. can help you protect your rights and have someone fighting for you. Our firm has been working with clients just like you for years, making sure their rights are not forgotten. Our attorneys are here to walk with you throughout the process and help you get back on the path to financial success. Here are a few things to remember about a judgement against you.

  • Don’t Ignore It – One of the worst things you can do is to ignore notices of a lawsuit or court case against you. If you don’t show up, the judge can find in favor of the creditor and place the judgement against you. It’s best that you contact our office for a free consultation when you receive notice. The longer you ignore it, the worse the situation will become.
  • You have rights – You still have rights even when you’ve fallen on hard financial times. Our firm can work with you to help reduce the load of the judgement and help you understand what rights you have.
  • You may face collections – If a judgement is upheld against you, your creditor has different options to collect their money owed them. Those include garnishments of wages, levies, and liens on your property.
  • Bankruptcy may be best – There are options for bankruptcy out there that may work best in your situation. If that is the case, our lawyers can determine that and help you know what path would be best.

Contact our office today at (314) 899-4499 for a consultation or representation when you need a lawyer for judgement in Wildwood.