Garnishment Lawyer In Wildwood

Garnishment Lawyer In Wildwood

Have you found yourself dealing with a garnishment on your wages or bills piling up that you simply can’t pay? Whether it was due to no fault of your own or poor decisions that got you here, our firm here at Teague & Associates, LLC, can help. We provide you a talented garnishment lawyer in Wildwood to go over your case and see how our firm can help. It is critical that you have representation as there are a few things you can do to help reduce the impact of garnishment and get your life back on track.

What Is A Garnishment?

This is where a debtor has won a case against you in the court to automatically take part of your paycheck to pay your debt back. This percentage of your money goes to them without you ever seeing the money in your hands.

You’ll Have Time To Fight

You will receive a notice before the garnishment starts that your debtor is seeking this money from you. They will send a notice of a court hearing, and you need to attend. There could be avenues that will allow you to reduce the garnishment, stop it, or refute the debt. Do not ignore this notice if you receive one. Make sure you keep in touch with your attorney here so that we can prepare your defense.

Not All Garnishments Can Be Prevented

While you wish that they were, not all debts can be stopped with bankruptcy or from being garnished. These types of debts include court costs such as alimony or child support, student loans, or tax debt.

If you find yourself dealing with hard financial situations, contact our office today by dialing (314) 899-4499. Set up your appointment to speak with a garnishment lawyer in Wildwood to find out your rights and build your case.