Garnishment Lawyer in University City

Garnishment Lawyer in University City

Sometimes your finances can get out of control. This is true even if you’re working a job and trying to pay your bills on time. There are instances that you can’t seem to get your head above water.  You may find yourself being notified of a garnishment placed on your wages, which will only exacerbate your situation. That is when it’s time to talk to a garnishment lawyer in University City here at Teague & Associates, LLC. Our firm is here to make sure you get through this tricky situation and can get back on a stable financial path. We are here to provide a wide range of services to help you understand you still have rights even in the garnishment. Here are a few things you should remember.

Notice Before It Starts

Typically, before a garnishment is placed on your salary, you are given notice. You are told that a creditor is going to sue for your debt, and you have the opportunity to respond. If you get this notice, you need to have representation and show up at court. This is a prime opportunity to negotiate and possibly prevent garnishment from ever happening.

Some Debts Can’t Be Stopped

There are some types of debt that cannot be stopped from garnishment. Those include items such as alimony, child support, back taxes, and school loans.

Bankruptcy Options

There are some options, including bankruptcy, that may work for you to help you get back on the right path financially. It is a discussion you need to have with your attorney so that you can go over all the options available. This filing will not stop the above-mentioned debts either, so be aware.

If you find yourself facing garnishment or a lawsuit to prepare for garnishment, call our office today at (314) 899-4499 to speak with a talented garnishment lawyer in University City.