Garnishment Lawyer In Hazelwood

Garnishment Lawyer In Hazelwood

Dealing with a wage garnishment can be very overwhelming. You’re struggling financially to make ends meet and know your paycheck is almost gone before you ever receive it. You need to have an experienced garnishment lawyer in Hazelwood on your side to help defend your rights in this process. Our firm here at Teague & Associates, LLC, has been fighting for clients just like you for years. We handle your case with compassion and care as we understand the very delicate nature of the situation. Our team members are here to help you know what your rights are and what options you may have in this situation.

No Fault Of Your Own

In some instances, you’re facing financial issues due to no fault of your own. Maybe you lost a job for a time, and you’re just getting back to work. Perhaps you’ve dealt with a divorce, medical diagnosis, or wage reduction that has caused you to be in this position. Whatever the situation is, our firm is here to help you.

Don’t Throw Away Notices

When you’re going to have a garnishment come down, you will have a chance to argue your case. You do not want to throw this away. Our firm is here to help you through this trial. A company must go through this process to form a garnishment as they have to have a court order. If you simply ignore it, you ignore your chance to find a better solution with the company. Once they have a judgment against you, garnishments can’t be stopped or ignored.

When you find yourself in this challenging situation, contact a garnishment lawyer in Hazelwood at our firm today. Call our office at (314) 899-4499 to set up your free consultation.