Garnishment Lawyer in Chesterfield

The garnishment of your wages can cause a real issue for you when you’re trying to get yourself back on the right track. However, even when you’re working, you may find yourself late on payments. That is when it is time to find a garnishment lawyer in Chesterfield to look over your case. Our firm here at Teague & Associates, LLC, understands that wage garnishment can make you feel like you’re going even further backward. There are a few things to keep in mind when dealing with this judgment against you.

You Have Rights

Our firm is here to remind you and to fight for your rights. We know sometimes you can feel all alone in this problem. No matter what is going on, you still have certain rights that you are entitled to. Our lawyer can help you understand those rights and what they mean for you.

You Can’t Stop It

If a judgment has been placed on your wages, you cannot stop the process. It has to go through the courts. Our firm can work with you to see if there’s an installment plan or other options that the court would allow. Nevertheless, when a garnishment is placed, your employer nor you can prevent it from happening.

You Can’t Lose Your Job

Your employer typically doesn’t fire you for your first garnishment, and they are most often understanding. Be aware that if you continue to have them, then that could cost you your employment.

Other Options

Our firm can look over your case for you and see if there are other options that could assist you. Our attorneys will go over your garnishment, financial history and take a look at other avenues such as bankruptcy.

If you’re dealing with a wage garnishment, contact our firm today at (314) 899-4499 to speak with a garnishment lawyer in Chesterfield.