Garnishment Attorney In Kirkwood

Garnishment Attorney In Kirkwood

If you’ve recently been ordered with a garnishment on your wages, it is time to seek out a garnishment attorney in Kirkwood. Here at Teague & Associates, LLC, we understand this difficult situation you’ve found yourself in. Our legal team has been assisting clients like you for years in helping get them back on a secure financial track. Allow our team to help you see the options you have and work to fight for your rights during this process.

Don’t Ignore It

When it comes to financial issues, sooner rather than later is the way to work them out. If you ignore late payment notices or bills piling up, you can end up having more trouble than you initially thought. If you’re struggling to make ends meet regularly, consult with our attorney to see what can be done. There are options out there to help you avoid the garnishment of your wages.

Can’t Stop It

Your employer may want to help you out by preventing the garnishment sent down, but they cannot. They are not allowed to ignore it either as they can end up in trouble. One of the best ways to deal with this being passed down to you is to contact someone who can help fight for you.

Options Available

When it comes to this particular situation, having an attorney on your side can give you options. We can work to see if there are installment plans available instead of taking the entire disposable income you have on your garnishment. There are options such as filing for bankruptcy as well if your finances are indeed out of control.

Our team is here to help you handle this situation. You can reach an experienced garnishment attorney in Kirkwood today by dialing our team at (314) 899-4499.