Garnishment Attorney In Hazelwood

Garnishment Attorney In Hazelwood

Having a garnishment put upon your wages can feel like the final blow. You may have been struggling to make ends meet, and then this happens to derail what you thought you were doing. Whatever the reason for your situation, a garnishment attorney in Hazelwood is an excellent way to go about getting back on track with your finances. Our legal firm here at Teague & Associates, LLC, can help you with the next steps in your financial future. We can work with you to share options and fight for the rights you have during this financial problem you’re facing.

Options Available For You

Even when you’re dealing with garnishment, there are options available if you have an experienced attorney on your side. One of those options we can work on is doing installments for your garnishment. In most cases, the initial garnishment sent down by the court is to take all of your disposable income available until the debt is cleared. That means you may not have anything left for everyday expenses. This is where our team can assist you. We can work with the court to set up installments instead of the full disposable income taken at once.


We understand you are in a tight financial situation. That is why our firm offers budget-friendly, flat-rate pricing so that you can obtain the representation you deserve.

Bankruptcy Available

While bankruptcy will put a halt to the garnishment, it is not right for everyone. Our firm can consult with you on your options to see what is the best next step to take.

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