Family Attorney in St. Louis

Family Attorney in St. LouisWhat exactly is a family attorney? This is a common question that many people in St. Louis have when they look for representation for a legal matter. There are a number of situations that might warrant the support and guidance of a family attorney in St. Louis.

A family attorney, simply put, deals with issues that affect families. Divorces, child custody, abuse cases and even bankruptcy are all common situations that most family lawyers have worked with. While many would expect divorce and abuse to be associated with family law, they are often shocked to hear that bankruptcy can be dealt with by these attorneys. But it can, because bankruptcy affects families!

Regardless of a client’s situation, the need for a family law specialist is important in any case. Not only is it important to have someone to ‘translate’ the law and walk an individual through the paperwork process, but it’s important to have someone understand the sensitivity of familial matters. Abuse, divorce, bankruptcy, etc., are not situations that are dealt with on a daily basis by the average individual, so they can be frightening to understand and emotionally challenging. An attorney can help to alleviate much of that confusion and let the client focus on coping with their personal situation, not worrying about the law.

If you have encountered one of the aforementioned situations, or feel that you may have a need for a family attorney in St. Louis, there is only one name you need to know – Teague & Associates, LLC. Pick up the phone and contact our office today at (314) 899-4499 for a free consultation to learn more about how a family attorney can help you!