divorce lawyer in Maryland HeightsDivorce can be a difficult time for a two individuals, however it becomes even more complex when there are children involved. The process of determining child support amounts or coming to a custodial agreement can be stressful, leaving each party in need of guidance. It is particularly important during this situation that both parties have a divorce lawyer in Maryland Heights that can help to answer all their questions and mitigate the issues that may arise.

During an initial consultation with an attorney an individual, who is going through a divorce and would like to come to an agreement on the custody of children involved, is provided time to ask their questions about the process and explain the current familial situation. It is the role of the attorney to not only help their client come to a determination of what would be fair for both parties and the children, but they also represent their client in a court setting.

Paperwork that is required can also be filed and reviewed by an attorney’s office to ensure that the process of a custodial agreement is finalized quickly. Without the help of a lawyer it can leave many T’s uncrossed, which only makes the process difficult for both parties and the children involved.

If you seek to get a better understanding of your rights when it comes to custody of children in a divorce, the best place to get answers and assistance is from a divorce lawyer in Maryland Heights. For an experienced attorney who will work to help make your divorce and custody battle simple and straightforward contact Teague & Associates, LLC. Call (314) 899-4499 to schedule your free consultation!