Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Lawyer in Hazelwood

Whether you’re dealing with medical bills piling up due to a surprise diagnosis or you’re unwise decisions lead you here, filing for bankruptcy can seem like a daunting idea. You may want to try and avoid it at all costs, but you’re not sure you can. The best way to see what your options are is to talk with a chapter 7 bankruptcy lawyer in Hazelwood today. Our firm here at Teague & Associates, LLC, is ready to offer assistance to you to help you get back on a good path with your financial health. We do not judge you based on what got you to this point. We simply are here to help walk you through the process if this is the correct path for you.

Why Did You Get Here?

It is important to understand how you got to this position. Some people are facing a bitter divorce, and they ended up with debt in their name they can’t take care of. Others are dealing with the loss of a job unexpectedly or a medical diagnosis that has cost them a lot in bills that are piling up. Still, others are here because of poor spending decisions they made. It is wise to take stock of how you ended up in this situation as you go through the process.

What Will Bankruptcy Do?

Filing for bankruptcy will not be a fix it all approach. There are some debts, such as student loans and child support, that are not cleared. However, it will help to clear other unsecured debt to help you get back on track with your finances.

If you’re considering this as a viable financial option for you, consider consulting with a chapter 7 bankruptcy lawyer in Hazelwood¬†on our team. We provide a free consultation to all of our clients, and you can schedule yours now by calling (314) 899-4499.

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