Chapter 7 Bankruptcy in Wildwood

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy in Wildwood

Before you consider filing a chapter 7 bankruptcy in Wildwood, you need to discuss your options with an experienced attorney. Here at Teague & Associates firm, we are ready to assist you with getting your situation back on track. We understand that you may be facing financial strain due to no fault of your own. Loss of employment, medical bills, or even transferring to a new location can all weigh heavily on your finances. Whether it is due to poor choices or choices outside of your control, our firm is here to assist you with your financial plans.

Chapter 7

There are a few things to know about filing bankruptcy that you need to know. First, not all of your debts will be taken care of. For those who have court costs, child support, student loans, or taxes that need to be paid, these debts will not be forgiven as other types of debt will be.

Second, filing bankruptcy can help put a stop to harassing phone calls from collections agencies. This will give you some peace of mind that your finances are being handled by someone who can help you get back on track. You will not be foreclosed on either.

Third, your property becomes part of the court’s property. That means that your property items that are not exempt will be sold off to help pay for your debt owed. This process can sometimes take up to six months to be completely handled.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed and are not sure where to start, contact our office at (314) 899-4499 today to set up an appointment. Our team is always here to answer all of your questions concerning chapter 7 bankruptcy in Wildwood.

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