Chapter 7 Bankruptcy in University City

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy in University City

Dealing with financial strain can lead to a variety of issues in your home, as it can put a dark over your entire family. The good news is you do not have to face this alone. You can count on someone to help you walk through this daunting process of getting your finances back on track. If you are considering a chapter 7 bankruptcy in University City, think about working with the talented team here at Teague & Associates. Our firm has been assisting clients just like you for years in helping them get their finances turned back around.

Facts About Bankruptcy

It is essential to know that not all debts are covered when you file chapter 7. There are a few that are not considered forgivable debts. These include items such as student loans, taxes you owe, fees from the court system, and child support. However, there are many that filing this chapter can help you with. If you are feeling like you’re about to go under due to unsecured debt, this may be a solution that would help you.

Time To File

This is not going to be a speedy process, so you need to be prepared for that. It can take up to six months to complete once you’ve filed. After you’ve gone through processing your chapter 7, then the process of selling items and paying debt takes place. You’ll have someone take care of this for you, but you want legal representation on your side. You want someone that is experienced to help you navigate the process. That is exactly what you can expect from the knowledgeable people on our team.

If you’re considering the filing of a chapter 7 bankruptcy in University City, be sure to call our office at (314) 899-4499 today to set up a consultation.

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