Chapter 7 Bankruptcy in Ballwin

Are you currently overwhelmed by your financial situation? Do you find yourself struggling just to make ends meet? Before you feel like there’s no way out, you need to be sure of all your options. Filing a chapter 7 bankruptcy in Ballwin may be the last thing on your mind. You may feel as if you’re admitting you can’t handle your own money. Be aware that this is not true at all. We here at Teague & Associates understand you may be facing this issue due to no fault of your own family. We are here to help you navigate this difficult situation and come to peace of mind.

What Do You Need To Know?

When it comes to filing bankruptcy, there may be a lot of misinformation. For one thing, chapter 7 doesn’t clear all of your debt. There are a few items that will still remain. Those types of items include things such as child support, alimony, taxes, or student loans. While chapter 7 can help you clear a lot of unsecured issues, these are not ones that will disappear.

Your case will take around four to six months to process. You’ll have a trustee on your side to help sell off items that are not exempt from your filing. That means those items are sold to others, and the money applied to what you owe.

Our firm here works diligently to help you walk through each step of the process. We inform you of what is going on, offer budget friendly services, and make sure your questions are answered.

If you need to consider filing a chapter 7 bankruptcy in Ballwin, call our office today. We can be reached at (314) 899-4499 to set up your appointment and consultation.

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