Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Attorney in University City

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Attorney in University City

Bankruptcy is not a term many people want to hear. You may have a lot of stigmas attached to that word in your mind. However, you may be in a financial situation that this is the only way you see out. Here at Teague & Associates, you will find a talented and experienced chapter 7 bankruptcy attorney in University City to assist you with discovering if this is the route you should take. Our team has been worked with clients just like you for years. We understand that you may or may not have had a choice in how you got into this situation. That is why our team is here. We work with you to make sure this is the right step on your path to gaining control of your financial situations.


For some clients, divorce is what took you to this place. In some separation cases, debt can cause a huge financial strain on each individual party. You may be suffering through court battles and also dealing with the loss of an income. Our compassionate team members can help you sort through this situation and make an informed decision if this is the right move for you.

Loss Of Job

Sometimes clients face the sudden loss of a job. Perhaps you’ve been laid off due to a merger or simply due to a rough economic time in your company. Either way, our team can assist you in going through your financial options.

Medical Bills

Still, other clients are facing a tough medical diagnosis. Our team understands that medical bills can take a toll on your financial situation. When you’re facing lost time at work, bills from your doctors, and even medications, you need to have someone who is on your side and understands this predicament.

If you’re struggling, contact a chapter 7 bankruptcy attorney in University City at our office today by calling (314) 899-4499.

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