Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Attorney in Hazelwood

While the economy has taken a swing for the better, there are still those struggling with their financial situation. Whether you’re facing a foreclosure on your home or garnishments of wages, our team here at Teague & Associates is here to help. We will be happy to provide a chapter 7 bankruptcy attorney in Hazelwood to assist you in making the difficult choice you’re facing. Filing bankruptcy may not cancel all your debt, but it may get you on the path to better financial stability. Allow our representative to discuss your options with you to see what the best option may be.

Does Not Cancel All Debt

It is vital to remember that even filing bankruptcy may not clear all the debt you currently have. Chapter 7 will assist you with items such as medical bills, unsecured debt, and help you get out of foreclosure. However, debt that it will not help out with includes items such as court costs, child support, or alimony payments you owe. Your free consultation with our office can help you determine if chapter 7 is the best route to take.

Not A Quick Fix

You also need to remember that this will take a few months to complete the process. Most often, it can take up to six months to complete the process. It is essential that you are prepared for the process ahead. Our team members can assist you with every step of the process to ensure all your questions are answered.

If you need a chapter 7 bankruptcy attorney in Hazelwood, give our office a call today at (314) 899-4499. Our team is here to help you determine the best route to get you on the path to financial stability.

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