Chapter 13 bankruptcy lawyer in Maryland HeightsWhat happens after a debtor files for Chapter 13 bankruptcy? Many individuals have the common misconception that when they file for Chapter 13 bankruptcy that they simply make their court ordered consolidated payment and that’s it. However, this certainly is not the only obligation one must adhere to in order to be discharged. Before filing for bankruptcy it is helpful to consult a Chapter 13 bankruptcy lawyer in Maryland Heights who can answer this critical question and ensure that Chapter 13 discharge is done in a timely, proper manner.

Simply making the required payments required by a Chapter 13 bankruptcy will not completely discharge the debtor once their debt is paid off. In order for this to happen the individual must have fulfilled all the requirements set forth by the court, including financial management courses. A notice and additional hearing are also required in order to determine that these requirements are met.

All too often individuals without an attorney will assume that simply paying off their debt means the proceedings are done, which is not the case. At Teague & Associates, LLC we don’t simply stop at filing the necessary paperwork for a Chapter 13 bankruptcy. We continue working with a client to ensure that once their required payments are fulfilled, all of their additional requirements are understood and completed properly. We aim to help our clients put their bankruptcy declaration far behind them.

You need to know what to expect after your Chapter 13 bankruptcy repayments have been fulfilled, and the best source of information is Teague & Associates, LLC. With a Chapter 13 bankruptcy lawyer in Maryland Heights, you will have a clear understanding of all steps of the bankruptcy process. Dial (314) 899-4499 to find out what comes next.

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