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Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Lawyer in University City

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Lawyer in University City

Struggling to meet your financial responsibilities can weigh heavily on you and your family. Whether you try to hide the problems or not, people notice when you’re struggling. If you’re still working a job but struggling to pay your debt, you may want to consider filing for bankruptcy. There are different types of bankruptcy that may fit your needs. If you’re still working, it is important to have a chapter 13 bankruptcy lawyer in University City look over your situation. Our firm here at Teague & Associates, LLC can help you decide is this filing is right for you. We can look over your case and help you to make an informed decision.

Still Earning Money

Chapter 13 is for those who are still earning money but just can’t pay all their debt on time. This filing can help you alleviate the current stress to work out a plan to repay in the next three to five years.

Save Property

If you’re looking for a way to keep the property you own, then chapter 13 is it. Other filings will require you to sell off the property you own to pay the debt you have. However, chapter 13 allows you to keep the property while working out another payment schedule.

Help In Foreclosure

Unfortunately, the mortgage is one payment that many in your position have trouble meeting. If you’re in foreclosure, then this filing could help stop that process. You will have to be on time with all your mortgage payments after arrangements are made. If you miss one it could start the process over.

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