Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Attorney in Maryland HeightsIt is quite common for an individual with financial difficulty to assume that the only method of stopping creditors is by filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy. They often overlook Chapter 13 bankruptcy filing because they don’t understand the benefits or the process to completion. The best way to determine whether or not Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy is a right option is to work with a Chapter 13 bankruptcy attorney in Maryland Heights.

In an initial consultation with a Teague & Associates, LLC attorney, debtors can present their financial predicaments and questions as a means to better understand all chapters of bankruptcy and to determine which option is ideal for them. This is one of the major benefits of working with an attorney, as it prevents filing for the wrong form of bankruptcy.

We then continue to explain the differences in both Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy, and explain why one would have better results for a particular client than the other. Typically those individuals with minimal income and limited assets will be recommended to file for Chapter 7, while those with a steady source of income and a home or other assets of value will be recommended to file Chapter 13.

However, our attorney goes far beyond suggesting the type of bankruptcy to file for. We actually can help complete and submit paperwork for Chapter 13 filing, help to come to a court ordered agreement for repayment and ensure that all steps of the process are completed so that the debt can be discharged once paid in full.

With the help of a Chapter 13 bankruptcy attorney in Maryland Heights, you can overcome the financial sinkhole that seems insurmountable. Let Teague & Associates, LLC walk you through the benefits of each type of bankruptcy filing and help you to determine if Chapter 13 is right for you. Contact our office today at (314) 899-4499 and set up your free consultation.

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