Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Attorney in Webster Groves

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Attorney in Webster Groves

Filing for bankruptcy is not an easy decision. There are many factors that go into play when considering this option for your current financial situation. One of the best things you can do is hire a chapter 13 bankruptcy attorney in Webster Groves to assist you in the decision. Our firm here at Teague & Associates, LLC, is ready to help you make that decision. We work diligently in getting you all the facts so that you are prepared for what is coming when you choose this direction. Take a look below if you feel that filing is right for you.

Chapter 13 Is Long

Some people go into the filing process and think this is a quick fix for their situation. When it comes to reality, Chapter 13 can take years to clear it all up in the end. You’ll be working with a court-appointed trustee to ensure your debt is paid. It is imperative to work together over the next years until you are finished.

Chapter 13 Is Particular

This is the best way to file if you’re still earning an income in most situations. You can pay off your debt with a little relief, but without the creditors hassling you.

Chapter 13 Is Not A Clear-All

Even filing this type of bankruptcy will not completely clear every kind of debt. Items such as student loans, taxes, child support, and court costs are still your responsibility.

Chapter 13 Helps Protect Your Property

In Chapter 7, your items are sold to pay off the debt you owe. With a chapter 13 filing, it helps you protect your property and pay the debt off with expendable income.

If you’re looking to keep your home, stop the creditors, and get back on the right track, call our office today at (314) 899-4499 to hire a chapter 13 bankruptcy attorney in Webster Groves.

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