Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Attorney in Chesterfield

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Attorney in Chesterfield

Dealing with difficult financial situations can take a toll on you and your family. Whether you’re in a tough spot due to your own choices or due to other situations outside of your control, finding a chapter 13 bankruptcy attorney in Chesterfield is important. You want a team that can assist you with knowing when to file and if filing will actually help your circumstance. That is where our team here at Teague & Associates, LLC, comes in. We have experience in a variety of financial areas, including chapters 7 and 13 filings. Our team is here to help you navigate the process and understand what the best route for you is. Here are a few facts to know about filing chapter 13 bankruptcy and how our firm can assist you.

Doesn’t Negate Everything

Even in bankruptcy court, you’ll find certain debts are not covered. Items such as court costs, child support, or alimony are not canceled no matter what type of filing you proceed with. You will still be responsible for those debts outside of the proceedings you decide on.

Long Process

When you file chapter 13, you’ll be dealing with this issue for years to come. If this is the only way out of the situation you’re in, just be aware that it is not over quickly as you might wish it to be. It is going to take time as you are paying off your debt but getting out from under the normal demands of your creditors.

Helps Stop Foreclosure

One great aspect of this process is it will stop the foreclosure process on your home. However, once it is done, all mortgage payments must be on time, or you may lose the home.

Working with a chapter 13 bankruptcy attorney in Chesterfield can help you to get closure and assistance with paying your debt back. If you’re struggling financially, be sure to call our office at (314) 899-4499 to set up a consultation.

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