Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Attorney in Ballwin

No one wants to have to consider filing bankruptcy in their life. Most people do plan on having to even hire a chapter 13 bankruptcy attorney in Ballwin. They start out thinking they can handle payments, debt, and loans on their own. However, sometimes life throws you a curveball. One day you may be living with two incomes that cover your bills, and the next day you’re struggling. Whether it is due to an ugly separation, medical bills, or other issues, you find yourself in a difficult situation. Here at Teague & Associates, LLC, we understand this was never the plan for your family. We are here to help you handle this situation in a timely and private manner.

Stop Foreclosure

When you file for chapter 13, one benefit is that you can stop the foreclosure process on your home. This is important to keep one thing consistent for your family. Keeping your home is very important so that you have a safe place to stay. When you file for bankruptcy, you can relax a little knowing that the foreclosure process can be handled.

Perfect For Those With Income

This type of filing is best for those who still earn an income and are working on paying your bills back. You’re making sure you can put all your expendable income towards paying off debt without losing your property in the process.

Not For Everyone

While this filing works for most, this is not for those without any income or those who can’t make the payments back. There are other processes that can help you clear your debt, and our attorneys are great at helping you find the right path.

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