A Bankruptcy Attorney in O’Fallon Can Provide Welcome Guidance

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bankruptcy attorney in O’FallonIf you are currently experiencing the difficulties of applying for bankruptcy, hiring a bankruptcy attorney in O’Fallon will allow you to have the most appropriate legal advice for your bankruptcy case. Trying to manage a bankruptcy on your own can be very difficult, and having an expert on your side will make the process much easier for you. The retainer agreement that you sign with a bankruptcy attorney will outline all of the services your attorney will provide to you. There are several things that you should anticipate from your lawyer, whether you are filing Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy.

You should expect competent and knowledgeable legal advice about which type of bankruptcy would most benefit your situation, how this filing can help you reach your financial goals, an explanation of the bankruptcy process, how you can make filing bankruptcy as simple as possible and whether your individual case has any issues of which you should be aware. Feel free to ask any questions of the attorney to make certain you understand exactly how everything works and how the bankruptcy will proceed.

Your attorney must be knowledgeable about federal bankruptcy laws and your local court system and provide you with any updates that occur. Your attorney can offer welcome advice about completing the numerous forms required, and help you file them in a timely manner. Your lawyer will also attend the 341 hearing, or meeting of creditors, with you.

A bankruptcy filing can be quite overwhelming and confusing. Allow an experienced bankruptcy attorney in O’Fallon to guide you through the procedure from start to finish and aid you in all aspects of your case. Call the lawyers at Teague & Associates, LLC, at (314)899-4499 to schedule a consultation.