Bankruptcy Attorney in Ballwin

When you’re facing judgment or garnishment of your wages, you want a bankruptcy attorney in Ballwin that can help you navigate the process. You need someone who understands that you still have rights, even if you find yourself in a tricky financial situation. That is exactly what our office here at Teague & Associates, LLC provides. We give you fair legal representation to help you get your head back above water during the bankruptcy proceedings.

Affordable Representation

When it comes to filing Chapter 7 or 13 bankruptcy, it can sometimes cost an exorbitant amount. However, we understand the situation you are in. Our firm provides affordable services that start at a flat rate of $750, depending on your proceedings. We know that you need budget-friendly solutions to help you get in a more financially sound position. That is why we have flat rates for our services.

Free Consultation

You also may need someone just to take a look at where you are to see if bankruptcy is the right course for you. That is why our team offers a free consultation to analyze where you stand. We can then help you on the path to your financial freedom with a variety of solutions, including filing and processing your bankruptcy if necessary.

You do not have to face this struggle on your own. Whether it is because of poor financial decisions or circumstances out of your control, you have someone on your side. With a bankruptcy attorney in Ballwin, you can get your life back on the right track to success. Call the office Teague & Associates, LLC today at (314) 899-4499 and set up an appointment for your free consultation with an experienced attorney.

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