Attorney For Judgement In HazelwoodWhen it comes to facing issues with your creditors, you want to consider hiring an attorney for judgement in Hazelwood. It’s essential to have proper representation when it comes to dealing with your creditors. Our firm here at Teague & Associates, LLC. can help. We represent clients just like you every day to help them navigate their road to financial freedom. Our firm has worked with a variety of judgements and creditor requests. We know how to get you the rights you deserve and to help stop garnishments.

What Does a Judgement Mean?

When a creditor is coming after the amount they are owed, they file a lawsuit against you, the debtor. They want to receive their money back, and this is the first step once they’ve failed at collecting. If you do not show up to the court appearance or the judge files in their favor, they can receive a judgement against you. That means you are now facing a variety of other issues.

They can file for:

  • Bank account or wage garnishment
  • Levies to be held on your property
  • Liens on your property

How We Can Help

The first step is never to ignore any notifications you receive from your creditors. If you’ve received any type of notification, contact our office. We can go over what it means and start representing you in the process right away. Don’t face this alone. We can help!

Contact our office by calling (314) 899-4499 for more information on hiring an attorney for judgement in Hazelwood. You don’t have to face this judgement alone. We can represent you and find a settlement to help you get back on track with your financial situation.