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Archive: Dec 2018

  1. A Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Attorney in Maryland Heights Can Help You

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    A Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Attorney in Maryland Heights Can Help You

    When debt becomes overwhelming and there is a chance you can lose what you have worked so hard to build, you may feel that your situation is hopeless. Where can you turn for help? Is there really anyone who will be able to help? Problems like unexpected medical expenses, job loss, divorce and more can seriously affect your financial future. When you feel like you have no one to turn to, you CAN trust a Chapter 13 bankruptcy attorney in Maryland Heights to offer guidance and direction. There are options available no matter what you are facing.

    There are several unwelcome accompaniments to mounting debts. These include repossession, wage garnishment and debt collectors. However, there are solutions that your lawyer can assist with. A bankruptcy attorney is well-versed in all aspects of debt issues and will offer expertise and skill to resolve your debts and find answers that will work for everyone involved.

    The knowledgeable team at Teague & Associates is here to help you find resolution for your financial obligations for a cost as low as $750. We offer experience and customized care for all of our clients.

    Selecting an attorney does not have to be difficult. However, it is not smart to simply choose a lawyer based on cost alone.  The right lawyer is just as important as resolving your financial burdens. Appropriate solutions will aid in ensuring a better financial future.

    Contact the experienced litigators at Teague & Associates, LLC, today at (314) 899-4499. We have just the right Chapter 13 bankruptcy attorney in Maryland Heights for your financial situation. We will make sure that your case is handled with skill and care.

  2. Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Attorney in Florissant

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    Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Attorney in FlorissantFiling for bankruptcy is an intricate process that requires professional guidance. You want to be certain that you are following the strict protocols involved and that you do what you must to resolve your financial difficulties. Consult a Chapter 7 bankruptcy attorney in Florissant to discover your options for discharging debts.

    Of course, filing bankruptcy is never something that you WANT to do. However, it is sometimes necessary because of debts that result from:

    • Loss of income
    • An automobile accident
    • Emergency medical care
    • A failed business project
    • Other unanticipated circumstances

    For individuals with a greater than average established income, Chapter 13 bankruptcy is the best choice. This procedure allows you to repay debts rather than liquidating them. Chapter 7 works better for those without a steady income and are unable to meet monthly financial obligations. Debt liquidation is a practical solution for people without an auto loan, mortgage or for people who have a lien.

    A bankruptcy trustee assigned to you will assist in selling some of your assets, like property, and use the profits to pay your creditors, but there are some exemptions to possessions that can be sold. Your lawyer can provide you with additional information on specifics.

    Most taxes, alimony, child support and student loans cannot be discharged through bankruptcy. However, filing Chapter 7 can reduce the amount of your debts and leave money to pay on outstanding bills. A Chapter 7 filing usually takes several months.

    When considering whether to file bankruptcy, it is best to rely on a lawyer with experience in this singular type of legal action. Contact a Chapter 7 bankruptcy attorney in Florissant at Teague & Associates, LLC, at (314) 899-4499 to make an appointment for a private consultation.


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