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Archive: Oct 2018

  1. Learn How to Stop Judgment with a Bankruptcy Lawyer in O’Fallon

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    Have you had a judgment filed against you? Do you understand what that means? We are here to help. A judgment is a decision by the court that enters into public record. It results from someone filing a lawsuit against you. You can Answer and fight the lawsuit. However, you have other options. You can stop judgment with a bankruptcy lawyer in O’Fallon.

    There are several ways that you may discover that you have an outstanding judgment (or judgments) against you. They include:

    • Inspection of your credit report.
    • A notice from the payroll department where you work that your wages are being garnished.
    • A telephone call from a collection attorney.
    • A letter in the mail.
    • A freeze on your bank account.

    If you have past due debts and have received calls and letters from the creditor and you have not initiated any solutions to resolve the issues, your debt is sent to a collection agency. If the debts are still unpaid, they are turned over to an attorney for collection. They will file a lawsuit and get a judgment against you so that you will make payments on the money owed. A judgment is public record, will show on your credit report and on a background check.

    To resolve the situation, you must do one of the following: file for bankruptcy, repay the debt by garnishment or with cash, permit the creditor to seize your assets, pay the amount in full or work with the creditor to agree on a suitable payment plan.

    For advice about how to stop judgment with a bankruptcy lawyer in O’Fallon, call Teague & Associates, LLC, at (314) 899-4499. We will help you navigate the process as simply as possible.

  2. Stop Foreclosure with a Bankruptcy Attorney in Maryland Heights

    Comments Off on Stop Foreclosure with a Bankruptcy Attorney in Maryland Heights

    A foreclosure threat on your home is not only scary and overwhelming, but is emotionally devastating for you and your family. You may wonder if there is anything you can do to delay or completely prevent the situation. Before you take any additional action or make a rash decision, call a lawyer. It may be possible to stop foreclosure with a bankruptcy attorney in Maryland Heights. Lawyers are well-versed in foreclosure proceedings and will provide advice about how to postpone foreclosure with a Chapter 7 bankruptcy. Filing Chapter 13 bankruptcy may also allow you to keep your home.

    Foreclosure does not happen overnight. It occurs when you fail to make mortgage payments on time over time and usually takes several months to be completed. Use this interval to carefully evaluate your options and attempt to meet your mortgage commitment if at all possible. It may be necessary, however, to file bankruptcy to relieve this debt.

    Filing bankruptcy automatically requires all your creditors to temporarily cease collection attempts. If this happens, foreclosure may be delayed.

    If you are determined to keep your home, your best option is to file Chapter 13 bankruptcy. With this decision, you can set up a payment plan to pay off your amount in arrears. Note that you will pay the amount past due at the same time you pay for what is currently due.

    For knowledgeable guidance about foreclosure and bankruptcy, speak with an experienced lawyer who specializes in these legal situations. Call or text Teague & Associates, LLC, today at (314) 899-4499 to learn more about how you can stop foreclosure with a bankruptcy attorney in Maryland Heights. We are ready to help you.


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