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Archive: Apr 2015

  1. Effectively Stop Garnishment with Bankruptcy Lawyer in St. Louis

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    It can be a heart stopping, gut wrenching experience to open a weekly paycheck to find that a creditor has been successful at having a garnishment placed on any monies earned. When financial problems get to this point, it seems to be the beginning of a never ending battle. Trying to pay down debts gradually can work sometimes but more often then not, it is just a portion of the interest that gets paid which really does nothing but keep the wolves at bay for a short period of time. Having to make the choice between buying groceries or paying the electricity bill can start to get a little stressful. Instead of having to make these kind of choices for your family, it may be time to learn how to effectively stop garnishment with bankruptcy lawyer in St. Louis.

    Stop Garnishment with Bankruptcy Lawyer in St. Louis

    There are very few people who don’t find themselves in debt at some point and time in their lives. Quite often, the reasons for getting into financial trouble are more due to circumstances and not necessarily fault. It may be:

    • The sudden loss of employment
    • Marital problems such as separation or divorce
    • High pressure sales
    • Health concerns
    • A failing business
    • Poor investment choices

    Whatever the reasons, garnishment can seemingly exacerbate the problem rather then fix it.

    An experienced lawyer specializing in bankruptcy can have a garnishment order overturned quite quickly. In fact, directly following the filing of a bankruptcy claim, an automatic stay of action is in effect which will put an immediate end to any wage collection action.

    Contrary to some belief, filing for bankruptcy will not ruin a person financially, nor will they necessarily lose everything they own. A straight bankruptcy, cancellation of debt and a discharge will provide a person with a clean slate and a chance to start fresh.

    To effectively stop garnishment with bankruptcy lawyer in St. Louis, call us today at Teague & Associates, (314)899-4499. Your one stop bankruptcy solution.

  2. Trusted Family Law Lawyer in St. Charles

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    When the term ‘lawyer’ is heard or more often than not, overheard, the first assumption that comes to mind is criminal. Really, the only thing that may be criminal is the assumption that anything and everything to do with a lawyer is criminal. With our rapidly growing society of distrust many people have either learned the hard way or through the mistakes of others that it is important to legally protect their assets or any decisions they may make in regards to their family, property, holdings or even their retirement or their children’s or grand kids education. Every family has issues which could be resolved with the expertise, the diligence and professionalism of a trusted family law lawyer in St. Charles.

    Family Law Lawyer in St. Charles

    Not all lawyers handle cases criminal in nature. There can be tax lawyers, transport lawyers, employment lawyers, immigration lawyers, corporate lawyers as well as a number of others. All of which could technically take care of any criminal concerns in their area of expertise but for the most part assist people in interpreting the laws in those areas of interest.

    A family law lawyer is no different. Although there is always the possibility of criminal activity in all walks of life, a family law lawyer can be viewed as an administrator of sorts; interpreting the law for their clients and ensuring the execution of the clients wishes are carried out to the letter of the law. Whether it is:

    • an uncontested divorce
    • a paternity or custody case
    • a modification of support to a child’s primary care giver
    • a wish to create or update a personal will and testament
    • a handling of an estate of a recently deceased member of the family

    If you and/or your family believe you may be in need of a trusted family law lawyer in St. Charles, contact Teague & Associates today at (314)899-4499. Treating you like family.

  3. Do You Need a Bankruptcy Lawyer in St. Charles?

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    When it comes to filing for bankruptcy, there is always the option to attempt the process on your own. However, there are a number of potential pitfalls to this method, including the fact that one mistake can cost quite a bit. Some of the specific benefits offered by hiring a bankruptcy lawyer in St. Charles are found here.

    Bankruptcy Lawyer in St. Charles

    One of the biggest advantages is the fact that the lawyer hired from Teague & Associates has experience in the field. They know what to do, when to do it and can provide peace of mind that costly mistakes will not be made. This is essential when filing for bankruptcy, since one error, miscalculation or missed deadline can result in the entire bankruptcy being discharged.

    Another advantage offered by hiring a bankruptcy lawyer is the fact that they will usually offer payment arrangements. There are far too many stories of people claiming they are “too broke to file bankruptcy,” when the truth is most attorneys will help anyone set up a payment plan that works with their financial situation.

    Teague & Associates understands how stressful of a situation filing for bankruptcy can be, which is why they customize their services to each client’s needs. This helps ensure everyone can receive the financial relief they need, at a cost they are able to afford.

    When filing for bankruptcy, there are a number of considerations that have to be made. For example, the type of bankruptcy to file must be determined, as well as the specifics of what will, and will not, be included in the bankruptcy proceedings. An experienced bankruptcy attorney can help with all of this, ensuring it is handled properly and in a timely manner.

    There is no need to face bankruptcy alone, even if you have a small budget. Hiring a bankruptcy lawyer in St. Charles just makes sense, and you can learn more by contact Teague & Associates at (636)244-5279 today.

The choice of an attorney is an important one and should not be based solely upon advertisements.