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Archive: Sep 2014

  1. Three Good Reasons to Fight a Speeding Ticket in Florissant

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    traffic ticket lawyer in FlorissantAnytime you get a speeding ticket—or any other traffic violation—you are faced with a question: should you fight it in court or simply pay the fine and move on? Many are tempted to just pay and go, but that is often a mistake.

    The lawyers at Teague & Associates, LLC have experience handling traffic cases and we believe it is always important to at least consider fighting a traffic violation. Here, from a professional traffic ticket lawyer in Florissant, are three good reasons why you should always fight a speeding ticket:

    Why convict yourself? When you pay the fine on a speeding ticket, you are admitting guilt—acting as the judge, jury and executioner, without your day in court. Like any other crime, the burden of proof in a traffic case is on the state. They must prove you did something wrong, in this case speeding, and that you should pay a fine as the result. When you admit guilt and pay the fine, you are eliminating that burden. In effect, you are giving up. It may seem convenient, but ask yourself this: what happens when you get another ticket? You may wind up having to defend yourself later to keep your license. Why not fight now, when your case may be more favorable?

    Speeding tickets are more expensive than you think. When you admit guilt and pay the fine on a speeding ticket that may not be your only expense. It is very likely that your insurance rates will go up as a result. That means the long-term cost of a speeding ticket could be several hundred dollars above the fine. In many cases, it is less expensive to hire a lawyer to fight the ticket.

    Every offense threatens your driving privileges. Like many other states, Missouri operates on a point system. Every traffic conviction adds points to your record, and an accumulation of points over a short period of time can result in a suspension of your license (click here for an explanation of Missouri’s points system). By admitting guilt and paying the fine, you add points. By fighting a ticket, you are fighting to protect your driving record, and your license.

    Of course, you don’t have to fight your ticket by yourself. The lawyers at Teague & Associates, LLC can explain the system, make sure you comply with all the requirements in traffic court and serve as strong advocates on your behalf. If you are in need a traffic ticket lawyer in Florissant, contact Teague & Associates, LLC at (314) 899-4499 for a consultation.

  2. Five Common Questions Regarding Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

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    Chapter 7 bankruptcy attorney in St. Louis.The lawyers at Teague & Associates, LLC have helped many clients through bankruptcy—and we get a lot of questions regarding the subject. In response, we decided to gather some of the most common and provide solid answers from a Chapter 7 bankruptcy attorney in St. Louis.

    Chapter 7 bankruptcy, often called “straight bankruptcy,” is a liquidation process in which the court oversees the sale of assets to pay creditors and discharges debt, giving the person who files for bankruptcy a fresh start. (This is different from other forms of bankruptcy, such as Chapter 13). Here are some of the most commonly asked questions:

    Will Anyone Know I Filed for Bankruptcy?

    Technically, yes. Bankruptcy is a matter of public record and your filings will be available in court, should anyone care to look. It will also be reflected on your credit report. However, practically speaking, your bankruptcy filing will not be common knowledge. There is no Scarlet B, and your friends and colleagues generally won’t know unless you tell them. In most cases, the pool of people who know will be limited to those you have a financial relationship with, such as a creditor or mortgage lender.

    Will I lose Everything I Own?

    Generally speaking, no. Major assets will likely be sold as part of the bankruptcy process, in order to pay creditors. But there are many other items that can be exemptions, which vary state-by-state. In Missouri, for example, there are exemptions for clothing, home furnishings and appliances, jewelry (such as a wedding ring) and other possessions, though all are subject to financial limitations. For example, a wedding ring worth $1,500 or less can be exempt.

    What About My Car and Tools—the Things I Need to Work?

    In Missouri, there are exemptions for both a car and tools. Current law says a car or trade tools worth $3,000 or less may be exempt.

    Will Creditors Keep Contacting Me?

    Creditors are supposed to cease all actions, including calls and other communications, once bankruptcy documents have been filed in court.

    Will My Family Be Effected?

    This depends on your financial relationship with your family members. If you own assets such as a house jointly with a spouse or family member, they may be impacted. If there is no financial link, there may be no legal impact.

    If you have more questions about bankruptcy, call a Chapter 7 bankruptcy attorney in St. Louis at Teague & Associates, LLC. Our legal staff can be reached at (314) 899-4499 for a complimentary consultation.

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